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 Despite past stops by the world pro surfing tour, Japan is generally not recognized as a
 top imternational surfing destination.

 But watch pros Rob machado and Donovan Frankenreiter ripping it up in Drive Thur Japan
 and the Japan segment of filmmakerTaylor Stteele's 07 release Sippimg Jetstreams and
 you'll see Japan has good waves.

 Know before you go. log onto Surf Japan ( ) on your PC or mobile phone
 for excellent up-to date surf report with wind and swell condition.
 No use in wasting all that gas driving to the surf to find out it's no good.

 Here are some other usefull links for Chiba.

     People are often surprised to hear you can surf in Tokyo. 
     There are actually two groups of islands that technically fall under the jurisdiction of Tokyo.
Izu islands are a group of volcanic islands stretching south and eastfrom the Izu Peninsura.


     Aithough traditionally referred to as the
"Izu Seven Islands" there are actually more than a dozen island and islets.

Izu islands, how ever, are a great weekend ( or longer ) surf trip destination for those seeking crystal clear waters,
     warmer water tempratures and spectaculer sceney without actually leaving Tokyo.

     The Islands have a friendly local vibe, fresh local food and, of course, a
     variety of surf easy beach breaks to top-class reefs.


  八丈島 Hachijyojima Island

    Hachijyoujima-island is the most southern of the Izu islands and is known for spring temperatures year-round.
    A volcanic landscape, onsen and year-round consistent surf await the expenditionary surfer
    It is open ocean location means it gets swells from every direction. but the main breaks perticulary feed off northerly or southerly swells.

    It breaks all year but is best in winter. the water is useally warmer than the Kanto area due to the Black Current. 
    Don't expect sandy beaches,
    there are many surfers. Tourist surfers are welcome but, as anywhere, respect the localls, and you will catch more waves.
    Make sure to dop into the Aussie-run Anchor Pub to get the lowdown.


    "Hachijyojima Island Surf Trip Tour.


    3 days short trip on weekend
    ( Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday )
    per ¥49000 ( without tax ) includes Airplain return tickets  ( haneda to hachijyo Airport )

    pick-up, accommodation, onsen, rent-car, B.B.Q, surf guide and more. By Air : 30minutes from Haneda Airport 



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