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 Despite past stops by the world pro surfing tour, Japan is generally not recognized as a
 top imternational surfing destination.

 But watch pros Rob machado and Donovan Frankenreiter ripping it up in Drive Thur Japan
 and the Japan segment of filmmaker Taylor Stteele's 07 release Sippimg Jetstreams and
 you'll see Japan has good waves.

 Know before you go. log onto Surf Japan ( ) on your PC or mobile phone
 for excellent up-to date surf report with wind and swell condition.
 No use in wasting all that gas driving to the surf to find out it's no good.

 Here are some other usefull links for Chiba.


With more than 500Km of coastline the Pacific ocean, Chiba has some of the most consisitent surf in Japan and
 variety of waves from fun beach breaks and river mouths to more challengeing reefs.
It's convenient proximity to Narita Airport and Tokyo and relatively cheap land prices make it a popular alternative to the city.

 North Chiba 
 North Chiba's black sands may not be the most inviting,
 and will certainly test your bare- foot mettle in the middle of summer,
 but year-round consistent waves make up for it. The area covers the
 breaks from Iioka down to the white sand beach at Onjyuku, 
 giving surfers prenty of options with offshore winds and good swell.

 gets waves all yaer round. but during the typhoon
 season( in september ) the area gets big, powerfull waves.

 Ichinomiya gets sime of Japan's most consistent surf, it has
 a laid-back beachside atomosphere and home for a number of
 Japan's pro surfers. weekends and holidays are especially
 crowded, but lacals are friendly and providing you surf safe
 and abide by the rules. you'll enjoy no shortage oh waves.
 Warks best on easterly and southerly swells,


 you will need a 5mm, semi-dry wetsuits right
 through to Golden Week of May.

 Iioka Area
 Iioka has consistent waves to suit all leaves and the mostly
 swells. it's an easy one-day trip from Tokyo. so weekends
 can be crowded, but not as bad as Ichinomiya or shonan.
 Water temperatures are much cooler than the southern aria.


 you will need a 5mm, semi-dry wetsuits right
 through to Golden Week of May.

 Katakai Area
 Although it's populer wuth long boarders. the Katakai aria has
 consistent surf for all leaves. Most of the waves develop off
 break walls and tetra pods breaking over a sandy bottom,
 warking best on northwest winds with northeaterly or south-
 easterly swells. katakai is particularly busy on the weekends.
 thanks to easy access from Tokyo and abundant parking and


 you will need a 5mm, semi-dry wetsuits right
 through to Golden Week of May.

 PLACES TO STAY  Ichinomiya,

 The Boom :The Boon pension boasts absolute beach frontage,
          is affordadle and central to local surf shops, caf'es
          and restaurant.
          from ¥3000〜
          ( 0475 ) 42 3394 

 Pension Todo:Todo is a great little pension with tennis court,
          bar, outdoor showers and relax area. Clientele has
          included Kelly slater,
          Timmy Curran and Dave "Rasta" Rastvich.
          ( 0475 ) 42 6588 

 10-15 minutes before arriving in Ichinomiya from Tokyo, there are
 a number of Hotels in Shirako that offer a decent night accommo-
 dation at great prices.
 Chack out a list of hotels here at

 Getting There
 By Car : keiyo Road → chiba-Togane Road → Kujyukuri Toll Road
 → Rout128   About 100km from Tokyo drive 2 hours

 South Chiba ( Onjyuku & Katsuura Area )


 Onjuku is a quiet beachside town nestle around a large, crescent white-
 sand beach. The area needs a decent-sized southeast swells to turn
 on good waves. but the main beach break is a mellow wave perfect for
 beginners. The huge white sand and clear water lure many beach lovers
 around the beach-house in July and August.
 you will need a 5 or 3mm wetsuits right through to May.

 Hebara & Malibu
 the Hebara area is for the more advanced surfer, Breaking over both
 sand & reef. good waves here need a southerly. easterly or northerly
 The area gets many big swells that can get solid and heavy and has
 been home to world-class big wave contests in the past. The car park
 is always full on weekends, so drive sefely around this area.

 you will need a 5 or 3mm wetsuits right through to May.

 Kamogawa Area
 Kamogawa is another area that gets decent swell. particularly in the
 typhoon season.
 Maruki-point is perhaps the best point in the area and is home to be
 Chiba leg of the Japan Pro Association short board tour. 
 locals here don't like you messing around in the water, so surf safe
 and sensibly or southerly swells.

 you will need a 3mm wetsuits right through to May.
 When you step off the plain at Narita Airport you are a short drive
 from a surfer's playground.  waves for every kind of surfer.

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