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 Despite past stops by the world pro surfing tour, Japan is generally not recognized as a
 top imternational surfing destination.

 But watch pros Rob machado and Donovan Frankenreiter ripping it up in Drive Thur Japan
 and the Japan segment of filmmakerTaylor Stteele's 07 release Sippimg Jetstreams and
 you'll see Japan has good waves.

 Know before you go. log onto Surf Japan ( ) on your PC or mobile phone
 for excellent up-to date surf report with wind and swell condition.
 No use in wasting all that gas driving to the surf to find out it's no good.

 Here are some other usefull links for Chiba.


 Kanagawa's Shonan area s said to be the home of surfing in Japan
 and, with easy access to Tokyo and Yokohama,

 it is on the most popular(and populated) surfing conmmunities in the
 country. In generall,

 Shonan covers everything from Zushi and the east all
 the way to Oiso and Yoshihama to the west.

 The area from Zushi to Enoshima hasthe most spots,
 althogh Kugenuma is most popular withlongboarders with waves rarely
 getting overhead high. weekend and holidays are crowded but, if you
 can get up early, you'll find a fair number of offshore days and some
 nice waves.

 Kamakura Area
 Almost all the breaks in the Kamakura area within walking distance
 from the train lines and Route 134.

 During typhoon season, expect the reef breaks to be turning on some
 good waves, some surfsble for beginnners.

 but others forexperts omly,so check first.

 The water is a bit cleaneron this side of
 as there are fewer rivers. but it is also more sheltered. so waves
 are a bit smoller.  
Yuigahama is good for beginners. although it may be closed to surfers
 in July and August when the beach-house open.

 is 1km beach with sand and reef bottom.
 The reef is covered with kelp, so it's fairly safe, althouth you might want
 to be cerefull at low tide and wear boooties.

 The spots in front of First Kitchin and the parking lot are most crowded.

 The area takes anything from south, southeast, west and south-westerly
 swells. best to talk to the locals for the best spots when typhoon swell
 is pumping. but they are notoriously unforgiving here. so obey the rules
 and definitely don't drop in.

 most of the surf spots in Fujisawa are within walking distance from
 the station, making it popular with city surfers.

 It's mostly sandbar beach breaks that work best on west to southwesterly

 The main area is
Kugenuma.  with a big clubhouse, showers, cafe and
 beach volleyball courts, Longboarders flock to the mellow consistent
 waves and expect to be shoulder-to-shoulder with surfers.

 bodyboarders and swimmers on summer weekends. so be carefull,
 Down the beach ,

Tsujido is a less-crowded option, althouth a much farther walk from the

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